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TOPS Pro Package Design/Pallet Software and MaxLoad Cargo Loag Plannning Software

TOPS Pro: Packaging Design & Pallet Pattern Software

... Optimize packaging design and pallet pattern to ship more products
... Create sustainable packages with less corrugated and packaging use
... Cut transportation costs by 5-20% thereby reducing carbon footprint
... Calculate compression strength to determine the best board grade
... Create mixed pallets for point of purchase or club store displays
... Generate graphic reports on how to package and ship products
... Share different packaging reports over intranet and the web 

MaxLoad Pro: Container Loading & Planning Software   

... Increase cubic efficiency
... Ship 8-20% fewer truckloads per year
... Take the guess work out of load planning
... Exact calculations prior to each shipment
... Cut loading errors with step by step load diagrams
... Plan for multi-stop and priority loading
... Use stack rules to minimize product damage
... Versatile 3D drag-and-drop load editor

TOPS Offers solutions to optimize package sizes and arrangement, pallet configuration, and transit vehicles like trucks, sea containers, railcars, and more.

TOPS Software offers package design software and truck cargo loading software for packaging, distribution, and Supply Chain Management professionals. TOPS Pro palletization or pallet software provides package design, pallet layout and compression analysis tools to optimize your single-size products from the primary product level all the way to the pallet or transit vehicle. You can also use TOPS Pro to create mixed pallets and trays for display – ideal for POP displays.

The MaxLoad Pro container loading and cargo load planning software outputs efficient, 3D load plans for trucks, containers, trailers, and railcars to optimize freight layout and cube utilization.

Why choose TOPS Software Corporation?

TOPS has been offering packaging design and palletization software since the mid-1980’s. We currently have over 7,500 installations worldwide, including corporate-wide licenses for major players in the corrugated, food and beverage, technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • TOPS offers the best customer service and support in the industry.
  • TOPS is financially strong and stable – ensuring your investment is protected and backed by TOPS support for years to come.
  • TOPS owns all product source codes and has a team of in-house developers incorporating the latest industry trends into every software releases while working on various software customizations required by companies with specific packaging needs.

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